A magazine for photographers - made by a photographer!

The magazine is addressed to (portrait) photographers - whether professional or as a hobby.

It presents a lot of artists: photographers, models, make-up artists.

It's for everyone who works as a (portrait) photographer, for whom the photography is a hobby or for someony who's interested in reading through a glossy magazine.

The beautiful photo series are provided by texts of the editor Denise Hesmer hersef.
Each edition includes exciting contents:

  • Interviews with photographers
  • Tips & tricks for experienced photographers as well for beginners
  • Quotes related to photography
  • The stories behind the photo series - told by the artists themselves

The creative mind behind
ARTRAIT Magazine:

  • Founder, editor and photographer for ARTRAIT Magazine
  • (Portrait) Photographer
  • Translator for her own magazine (issues 1 and 2)
  • All-round talent

Available for every creative project!



Our cooperation

What do a (portrait) photographer or the corresponding magazine and a translator have in common? In order to provide the magazine to a large number of readers it just needs one thing:


And that's  the moment where I come into play. I translate the magazine since issue n°4 (November 2023). Denise Hesmer translated the magazine on her own before. But with the increasing success she decided to outsource this task. 

I'm very thankful that she gave me this important responsibility. I really enjoy the cooperation and every time she sends me texts for translations I'm really excited. The magazine is a labour of love. You'll notice it on every page. This is a pleasure for every translator!